A New Paradigm

Our world is facing unprecedented problems including a global water and food crisis, environmental degradation, war, violence, over-consumption, failing economies, and continued dependence upon fossil fuels. The pervasive notion that we are separate from each other, from the Earth, and from our Divine Source is a far reaching story at the roots of most world struggles. The actions and societal structures necessary for lasting change are dependent upon a foundational shift of values, and attitudes. In other words, we need a true paradigm shift. If we are to transform and heal the present conditions governmental decisions will need to be founded on very different assumptions about life, the self, and our world.  The Metta statements are a pathway outside the dominant paradigm of separation and consumption. Adopting and living this Metta we can work to create a new story–a new consciousness.

How can humans be a thriving part of the Universe system of wholeness? How do we reassert relationship with all life in order to live in harmony with Life?  Is it possible for us to come back into a sharing and compassionate lifestyle that allows every living thing to thrive?

Nothing short of a miracle is needed to heal the damage done to our planet!  Yet, every time we say the Metta, share it with others, and create it within our choices, we cultivate great possibility for that miracle to occur. Through Metta we transcend the false illusion of separation and accept the powerful creative force that humans can manifest when we work as one. You can help create that thriving future by saying, sharing, and living the Metta everyday.